Work safety: our industrial responsibility

Our Seveso-classified work and installations binds us to a zero-accident obligation.

In order to turn this objective into a reality, we carry out complementary work. First, we have implemented professional risk prevention measures and secondly, we have set strict safety procedures of our industrial installations. Our priority is to protect peoples, employees, contractors and the residents.

This “human safety” dimension is formalized through risk management evaluations and the Health, Safety and Work Conditions Commission.

What is a Seveso site?

METEX NØØVISTAGO’s industrial installations are subject to the Seveso directive. This requires that we respect drastic safety and environmental protection standards in sites that manipulate significant quantities of products that are dangerous to one’s health. Therefore, we meet all of the regulatory industrial safety criteria, like the optimal reliability of our safety devices and as well those related to emergency situations.

Industrial safety concerns each and every one of us

Managing industrial risks is our commitment to each and every person. Indeed, we work on sites located in natural and inhabited areas. Therefore, we must make sure to protect them from all work-related risks.

This aspect of industrial safety is integrated into our Safety Management System (SGS).

Boosted risk management throughout the entire company

In order to reach this zero-accident objective, preventing professional risks is an integral part of our individual performance evaluation criteria. Risk management as well as work hygiene and safety is advocated by all of management.

Lastly, we have set up systematic feedback on experiences after the incident has been handled and analyzed in order to prevent all risks of a repeated accident and guarantee the protection of personnel and residents.