Working towards sustainability: when the industry works hand in hand with nature

At METEX NØØVISTAGO, we are inspired by the natural workings of the earth and living things. A major bio-industry stakeholder, we produce amino acids using agricultural raw materials and natural fermentation processes. Involved in the circular economy, our innovations have multiple positive effects. Not only do they make it possible to ensure the best technical-economic performance, but they also reduce Europe’s protein dependency, greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of livestock farming and meat production. They support a sustainable agricultural model where economic performance works together with environmental and societal demands.

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Putting quality at the heart of our business

Our business is devoted to our products’ impeccable quality, guaranteed by our expertise mobilized on a daily basis. In order to support this ambition, we have a rigorous system for quality management, circulated throughout the company and validated by international certifications.

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Guarantee safety for all: our zero accident objective

Our responsibility also guarantees the safety of those with whom we work and the regions in which we are located. Our safety management system thus strives to guarantee the safety of our industrial installations and prevent all work-related accident.

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Innovate in order to advance

Research & Development is a priority at METEX NØØVISTAGO!
In order to design the most effective solutions from both a dietary and environmental standpoint, we work with partners from multiple backgrounds.

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